Zarangollo Recipe

Gastronomy | 28 11月 2014

Zarangollo is a typical food of Murcia. It’s a scrambled eggs with onion and courgette. The Zarangollo recipe is elaborated with vegetables of the murcian orchard. We suggest you to cook simmer the ingredients in a mud casserole. In this post we tell you how cook this traditional recipe. It’s very easy to prepare it.



Zarangollo murciano

Zarangollo. By


Ingredients for 4 persons:


  • 1 kilo of courgette


  • 500 grams of onion


  • 8 eggs


  • Olive oil


  • Salt


Calabacín, cebolla y huevos.

Ingredients. By



How to make it?


1) Clean the vegetables.


2) Cut the onion.


3) Put the onion in a mud casserole with olive oil.


4) Simmer the onion.


5) Peel and cut the courgettes.


6) Add the courgettes in the casserole.


7) Season the ingredients with salt.


8) Mix the ingredients.


9) Beat the eggs.


10) Add the beaten eggs with salt in the casserole.


11) Mix the ingredients until it’s cooked.


12) Taste and enjoy it.



Zarangollo murciano

Cooking Zarangollo. By





Zarangollo is served hot on a large mud plate.




Zarangollo. By



We suggest you to eat this traditional plate with bread and red wine of Murcia. Taste and enjoy it!





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