Aguilas Carnival

Culture | 11 2月 2015

Welcome to Aguilas Carnival. It’s very popular in Spain. You can visit this festivity from February 7 to February 21. It was declared Festival of International Tourist Interest in 2015. Aguilas is a lovely town of Murcia. It’s located 90 minutes away from Ciudad Quesada. If you visit this carnival you can see a great variety of costumes, float parades, dancing shows, performances and concerts.



Carnaval de Águilas

Aguilas Carnival. By



We suggest you to visit the carnival at night to enjoy the best carnival atmosphere. It’s a colored and fun event where you can go disguised or not. People make their costumes weeks before the carnival.



Carnaval de Águilas

Aguilas Carnival. By



Aguilas Carnival was started on Saturday 7.



Carnaval de Águilas, Murcia

Paper costumes and body painting competition. By



The paper costumes and body painting competition was celebrated on February 8.



Carnaval de Águilas


Float. By



If you visit the carnival on Sunday 15 you can see the big float parade. It’s an amazing spectacle.



Carnaval de Águilas


Drag Queen National Competition. By



We recommend you to go to the Drag Queen National Competition. It take place on Friday 20.



Aguilas Carnival, Murcia

Dancing. By



Come to the carnival and enjoy it! For more info click on Aguilas Carnival.





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