Torrijas Recipe

Gastronomy | 25 3月 2015

Torrijas is a typical food of Spain. It’s a traditional recipe of Easter. It’s elaborated with bread, milk, eggs, cinnamon and sugar. We recommend you to cook it with day-old bread. We tell you how cook this delicious food in this post. It’s very easy to prepare it.


Torrijas Recipe

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· 1 bread


· 750 ml of milk


· 2 eggs


· 1 lemon


· 1 cinnamon stick


· Vanilla sugar


· Sugar


· Cinnamon


· Sunflower oil




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How to cook it?


1) Peel the lemon.


2) Put milk, cinnamon stick and lemon peel in a pot.


3) Simmer the milk with the ingredients.


4) Add vanilla sugar.


5) Mix the ingredients.


6) Strain the milk.


7) Cut the bread.


8) Beat the eggs.


9) Add sunflower oil in the frying pan.


10) Put the milk in a large plate.


11) Dunk bread in milk.


12) Dunk the bread in beaten egg.


13) Put the bread in the frying pan.


14) Fry the bread.


15) Mix sugar and cinnamon in a large plate.


16) Coat the bread with sugar and cinnamon.


17) Put Torrijas in a large plate.




Torrijas. By





Torrijas is served cold in a large plate. Taste and enjoy it!





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