Fideua - Noodle Paella

Gastronomy | 13 5月 2015

Fideua is a typical food of Valencia. It’s elaborated with fish, shellfish and noodles. There are many versions of traditional fideua such as Noodle Paella with vegetables or meat. We tell you how to cook a traditional fideua in this post.



Noodle Paella

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Ingredients for 4 persons:


· 400 gr noodle


· 1,5 kg little fish


· 2 cuttlefish


· 8 prawns


· 100 gr clam


· 100 gr mussel


· 1 onion


· 1 garlic


· 1 tomato


· saffron


· oil


· salt


· lemon


Ingredients. Noodle Paella.


Ingredients. By



How to cook it?


1) Boil the little fish with water and salt in a pot for 30 minutes. Then strain the fish soup.


2) Cut the garlic.


3) Grind the onion.


4) Put oil in the paella.


5) Stir-fry the tomato, garlic and onion.


6) Put the prawns in the paella and stir-fry it.


7) Then put the prawns in a plate.


8) Put cuttlefish, clam and mussel in the paella.


9) Add noodles.


10) Stir the ingredients.


11) Add the fish soup, saffron and salt.


12) Put the prawns in the paella.


13) Cook it over medium heat for 10 minutes.


14) Taste and enjoy it!



Noodle Paella

Fideua. By





We suggest you to garnish the Fideua with lemon. Also you can eat the noodle paella with alioli.





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