Rio Safari Elche

Places and routes | 1 6月 2015

Welcome to Rio Safari Elche. It’s an animal park located in Elche. If you visit this safari you can make a guided tour by train that will pass really close to the animals. There are more than 80 animal species from all over the world in the park. You can see a great variety of animal shows such as parrots, sea lions and multispecies exhibitions. Also you will have the opportunity to swim with sea lions and practice riding with ponys or camels.



Templo de los tigres

Tigers temple. By



You can visit the reptile’s cave, the tigers temple, the chimpanzees island, the african savannah and the educative farm.



Guided tour by train

Guided tour. By



If you visit Rio Safari Elche you can see ostriches, cockatoos, parrots, macaws, emus, peacocks, snakes, crocodiles, dragons, bats, lions, tigers, lynx, foxes, hippos, zebras, giraffes, dromedaries, llama, antelopes, bison, monkeys, chimpanzees and orangutans.



Rio Safari Elche

African Savannah. By



Your children can visit the educative farm to see farm animals.



Rio Safari Elche

Reptile’s cave. Vía:



On summer you can take a relaxing bath in the swimming pool of the safari.



Swimming with sea lions.

Swimming with sea lions. By



Finally, we recommend you to visit the karting area where you can driving cars and motorcycles. Also you can jump on the trampolines.





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