Cueva del Puerto

Places and routes | 17 9月 2015

The Cueva del Puerto is the longest-stretching cave of Murcia Region. It’s located in Calasparra. If you visit this cave you can discover spectacular caverns and galleries with stalactites and stalagmites. The activity is suitable for school trips, expert speleologists and beginners alike.



La Cueva del Puerto

La Cueva del Puerto. By



The galleries has 5 kilometres long and 114 meters depth. If you visit the Cueva del Puerto you can see stalactite, stalagmite, flowstones and shapes with large holes sculpted by water.



La Cueva del Puerto

Guided tour. by



The guided tour is suitable for everyone. You can see beautiful caverns and galleries with lighting and sound.



La Cuerva del Puerto

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If you love extreme experiencies you should practice caving in this cave. The route reaches the deepest part of the cave.



La Cueva del Puerto

Speleology. By



Finally, if you visit the cave with your children you can make a simple route without lighting.







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