Garlic Prawns Recipe

Gastronomy | 16 10月 2015

Garlic Prawns is a typical tapa of spanish food. It’s elaborated with olive oil, garlic, chilli peeper and parsley. We tell you how to cook it in this post. It’s very easy to prepare it.



Gambas al ajillo

Garlic prawns. By





· 400 grams of prawns


· 4 clove of garlic


· ½ chilli pepper


· 50 cl of olive oil


· Parsley


· Salt


Ingredientes gambas al ajillo

Ingredients. By



How to make it?


1) Peel and cut the garlic in small pieces.


2) Cut the chilli pepper.


3) Add olive oil in a frying pan.


4) Put garlic and chilli peeper in the frying pan.


5) Stir fry the ingredients.


6) Add prawns, parsley and salt.


7) Braise the ingredients.


8) Taste and enjoy it!



Garlic prawns

Garlic prawns. By





Garlic prawns are served sizzling hot. We recommend you to eat this delicious food with withe wine.





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