Survival Zombie in Torrevieja

Culture | 29 10月 2015

Welcome to Survival Zombie in Torrevieja. The town will be under attack from zombies in Halloween. It’s a real game where participants will be staging an almost life-like interpretation of a zombie invasion that mixes hideaway with gymkhana through the main streets of the town. The participants can choose to be survivors trying not to get infected or zombies.



Survival Zombie in Torrevieja

Survival Zombie in Torrevieja. By



The game will start at 11 p.m. on October 31st in an enclosed area of Torrevieja. Children aged from 10 can participate accompanied by an adult in this apocalyptic event.



Survival Zombie in Torrevieja

Survival Zombie. By



The survivors will discover an apocalyptic story that they should form part to avoid the end of the world and that the zombies conquer Torrevieja. This humans will have to run for their lives to avoid being bitten and turned into zombies.



Survival Zombie en Torrevieja

Survival Zombie. By



The survivors caught by the zombies can choose to leave the game or carry on as a living dead. Makeup artists transform people into zombies.





You can buy the tickets online.





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