Discover the Enchanted City of Bolnuevo

Places and routes | 11 5月 2021

The Enchanted City of Bolnuevo is one of the most spectacular places of Mazarron. It’s a dreamy landscape for photography lovers. The Gredas de Bolnuevo have been declared the first Natural Monument of the Region of Murcia. These curious naturally sculptured rock formations have been formed over millions of years by wind erosion.


Enchanted City of Bolnuevo

Enchanted City of Bolnuevo. By


These limestone shapes are located in front to Bolnuevo beach. It’s a lovely beach with gold sand and clear blue water. The area has all kinds of services such as picnic area, kiosk, toilets, showers, bars, restaurants and parking area. 


Erosiones de Bolnuevo

Gredas de Bolnuevo


We recommend you to take a walk on the seafront where you can taste the delicious cuisine of Murcia.



The Enchanted City of Bolnuevo





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