Michirones Recipe

Gastronomy | 25 Apr 2014

Michirones is a traditional food of Murcia. It’s a very tasty stew with dried beans. It’s a typical appetizer to the restaurants of Murcia. I tell you how cook this traditional recipe in this post. It’s very easy to prepare it.



Michirones. By cocinadelsol.com



Ingredients for 4 persons:


· 1 kilo of dried beans

· 100 grams of bacon

· 1 ham bone

· 1 small sausage

· 4 cloves of garlic

· 3 laurel leaves

· 2 dried chillies

· Paprika

· Cayenne peeper

· Salt



Habas secas

Dried beans. By regmurcia.com




How to make it?



1) Soak beans for 24 hours.


2) Change the water every 12 hours.


3) Cut the sausage and bacon into small pieces.


4) Drain the beans.


5) Put the water, the beans, the ham bone, the dried chillies and the laurel leaves in a pressure cooker.


6) Cook it for 15 minutes.


7) Add the bacon, the sausage, the cloves of garlic, salt, paprika and cayenne peeper.


8) Braise all the ingredients for 10 to 15 minutes with the pot uncovered.


9) Put the food on clay pot.


10) Enjoy it!




Michirones. By regmurcia.com





Michirones are served hot in a clay pot. We suggest you to eat it with a typical wine of Murcia.


You can eat the sauce dipping with bread.


The spicy depend of the taste of the guests.

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