We agree we want this 2020 to be over, perhaps because we trust there will be a change for the better and that 2021 will bring us good things. But before thinking about 2021 we have to think about Christmas, which is just around the corner. In Spain these holidays are celebrated with...

Experiences | 10 Dec 2020
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This year since Halloween is going to be a bit different, from Euromarina we bring you a fantastic plan because tonight there will be a special event known as the BLUE MOON. Astronomy gives us this phenomenon that happens roughly every two and a half years (or “once in a blue moon”)....

Useful information | 31 Oct 2020
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Would you like to take a swim in this idyllic beach? If you visit Guardamar you will enjoy of a unique Mediterranean Sea environment. You will be able to contemplate beaches of gold sand and clear blue water surrounded by a natural park of dunes in this 11 km of coast. Come to take a swim in...

Places and routes | 29 Oct 2020
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One of the main characteristics of the houses that Euromarina builds are their qualities, high-end materials, comforts and affordable luxury with guaranteed quality. An important detail that our clients take into account when buying a house , especially an apartment even on the first...

Construction | 20 Oct 2020
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“Tourism can do a lot of good in our world, with a role in protecting our planet and its biodiversity and in celebrating what makes us human”. António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations. #WorldTourismDay    #TravelEnjoyRespect One of the...

Places and routes | 27 Sep 2020
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