Descent of the River Segura

Sports | 8 May 2015

The descent of the river Segura is an amazing activity for nature lovers. The adventurers can descent the river from Cieza to Blanca with rafting, banana o kayak. It’s an ideal opportunity to discover the riverbed of Segura river. It’s a lovely landscape of Murcia.



Descent of the Segura river

Descent of the river Segura. By



During the descent of the river you will cross 12 kilometers from Cieza to Blanca accompanied by specialist monitors. You can practice this activity with rafting, banana o kayak.



Descent of the River Segura with rafting

Descent of the river Segura with rafting. By



You can see an amazing landscape on the first part of the route. Then you go to the Abarán Municipal Park of Murcia to take a break and lunch. If you are an adventurer you will continue the route for descents and rapids.



Descent of the river Segura

Descent of the river Segura with kayak. By



We recommend you to wear swimsuit or trunks, comfortable clothes and trainers. You shouldn’t wear sandals. Don’t forget the sunscreen and a cap.



Descenso del rio Segura en banana

Descent of the river Segura with bannana. By



Finally, we recommend you to take a towel, clothes and clean shoes.

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